Meet & Eat around Berlin

For freelancers and self-employed people, networking is an essential part of the job. Even founders of start-ups need the exchange with others, need new input and benefit from such synergies.

It has occurred at some of our past networking events that we have had participants whose German has been of the weaker variety. Although this isn´t a problem for us as most of us speak or at least understand English, unfortunately a lot of people still felt a little uncomfortable and decided to leave the event rather than speaking English with a mainly German speaking audience.

That’s why we have decided to offer another Network Event, especially for English speaking participants, as well as Germans who like to speak English.

We are going to meet for lunch in or around the Berlin S-Bahn Ring, so everybody can find a location which is convenient for them.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, founders of Start-ups etc. are all invited to get together, exchange views, hear new ideas, and forge mutual co-operations.

On every meet-up we will provide either a keynote speech or a special topic that we are going to talk about. The first time around, we would like to know why you are doing what you are doing: „Say why first!“

We’re very curious.

Attendance fee: 10 € (excl. food and drinks)

Note: Don’t mind the number of participants shown here. This event is also advertised on Xing and Facebook.


Juni 19


12:00 pm - 02:00 pm

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Barbara Fischer & Friends


Cô Linh Restaurant

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz 5

Berlin, DE